Alienology IIF


Exclusive content for Ology fans…

The client was really keen on using a page turning device for the pages of the book to reflect the movement of the book. We used a PaperVision based page turner which worked fine with flat images but became really clunky when you tried to load animated or video content in the page then try to turn the page. I used out a neat little work around which was to just run a still PNG of the page content on the page turner so it ran smoothly, then add a listener to wait for the complete page turn event to fire which then loaded the correct active content on top of the static image. There is loads of other great AS3 stuff in there such as a screen grab – scrap book facility, videos, games, quizzes, maps, and not forgetting the fantastic work the 3D guys did for the alien animations.


e-bloc Interactive

  • AS3
  • PaperVision
  • XM Integration